Membership Form

If you are interested in joining the CAI print out this application form, fill it in and post it, along with the membership fee, to the address provided below. 

Membership is on a calendar year basis, i.e. January – December.


Personal details
Name: _______________________________________________________________
Title: _______________________________________________________________
Contact details
Company: _______________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
Telephone: _______________________________________________________________
Fax: _______________________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________________
Membership type
Corporate membership at €275 tickbox
Corporate membership entitles a firm or company to send any number of their staff to CAI events and seminars, paying the membership rate, and to one vote at the AGM
Individual membership at €95 tickbox
Student/Trainee membership at €45 tickbox
Total fee paid _____
Please return this form along with your fee to:
Helen Sheehy,
Copyright Association of Ireland
Sheehy Donnelly Solicitors
19 Mulgrave Street
Dun Laoghaire
County Dublin