About CAI

The Copyright Association of Ireland was formed by a group of people who have an interest in copyright law whether as legal practitioners, creators of copyright works or as academics.

It’s objectives are:-

  • The promotion of informed debate on copyright
  • The promotion of awareness of copyright among users of copyright works, creators of copyright works and the public generally
  • The examination of legislative measures having effect on copyright
  • The CAI promotes informed debate and awareness of copyright by holding conferences and seminars, which are publicised on this site
  • Membership is open to individuals and businesses. Applications are particularly welcome from users and creators of copyright works.

The Copyright Association of Ireland is affiliated to the International Federation on Copyright (ALAI) and has the right to appoint one member to the Board of ALAI.

Please note that the CAI is a membership organisation only and does not offer or provide any form of legal advice, referral or information service.